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Swiss Pack is not only a leader in the flexible packaging industry, but also an innovator that is always developing unique and enchanting packaging products. Swisspack has introduced innovation for spout pouches as they have just recently purchased one fully automatic Totani spout fixing machine.


  • This new cutting-edge spout inserter “ST-30” offers a more elevated amount of spout fixing precision and seal quality and in addition wider angles of spout insertions, prompting expanded profitability.

  • This spout inserter works at the world’s highest speed that is maximum 150SPM and it allows (60 spouts) that fixing of spouts into laminated pouches at a rate of 150 spouts per minute, which reduces the energy and time.

  • They are able to fix the spout in the following positions

    – Width: 80mm minimum / 300mmmaximum

    – Length: 140mm minimum / 380mm maximum

    – Top seal Length: 120mm. However there is an option to go up to 200mm

    – Allowable Spout inserts angles: 20 degree to 90 degrees.

    • This is a totally automatic spout fixing machine so the pressure, temperature and time are completely under control.

    • They have inline automated inspection system so if the spout size, or if the spout is not closed completely or if the spout position is not exactly angles, then the machine will take out this type of defects automatically so there is no chances of any defects in the pouches.

    • Most importantly they are able to manufacture 2 lakhs spouts in one day so they have very high capacity of fixing the spouts. So if you have requirements of huge quantity of pouches with fast delivery, then Swisspack can give you the pouches with spouts in time.

    • This is fully automated machine by TOTANI JAPAN so you can save very huge amount of waist and there is no chances of leakage in these pouches. They have two different products for our spout pouches; one is stock or plain and the other is custom printed pouches. They are able to print up to 9 colours custom printed pouches by utilizing the advanced rotogravure technique. These custom printed pouches are printed including design possibility and a unique appearance that aids on-shelf marketing appeal.

    • There spout pouches are useful for packaging an extensive variety of liquid and powder form of commodities from totally different industries including

      – Sugar Packaging

      – Salt Packaging

      – Alcoholic Beverages

      – Energy Drinks

      – Liquid form of Pharmaceutical Products

      – Detergent Packaging

      – Sauces and Fruit Juice Packaging

      – Cosmetic Products

      – Oil Packaging and several others.

      Based in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, Swiss Pac Pvt Ltd has its marketing offices in all around the world and has become one of the leading and renowned flexible packaging manufacturers and suppliers. By keeping in mind the varied specifications of our respected clients spread all over the world, they have been providing excellent range of packaging products and with this they have gained an admirable reputation for delivering flexible, innovative and cost effective packaging solutions.

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