Reifenhauser (India) Marketing Ltd. is a specialist in India for Schneid und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.

Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG is your accomplice in the event that you create or procedure web-formed materials, for example, movies, refined papers, bundling materials and aluminum.

machines work for each size and each reason:

▪ Rewinder, unwinder and winder

▪ Slitter machine for the converter business and for preparing movies in abundance of 10 meters web width, for example, BOPP, BOPET and so forth.

▪ Special machines, for example, slitters for the most slender sorts of movies and the fitting taking care of frameworks for every situation

▪ Separators and multiplying machines for the creation of aluminum thwart and additionally slitters for aluminum foil and aluminum band

Essential Machinery – Main Product of incorporates:-

All inclusive 6

The slitter machine/reminder for plastic movies with huge working widths

▪ working widths from 3.5 to 10 m

▪ Film thickness 0.9 – 350 >m

▪ Line accelerate to 1.200 m/min

▪ Broad slitting width assortment

▪ High level of mechanization

▪ Leading item inside of the applicable business

Changing over Machinery – Main Product of incorporates:-

Conslit II

The financial duplex Slitter machine/rewinder for film and foil

▪ Universal applications for diverse materials

▪ Smash hit (more than 500 machines sold)


Slitter machine/rewinder for labelstock materials for short process durations

▪ Full robotization

▪ Automatic blade situating

▪ Automatic stacking and emptying

Autoslit II

Completely robotized slitter machine/rewinder for film and foil converters

▪ Highest profitability because of most brief process duration

▪ Two indexing frameworks with ball grinding shafts

▪ Automatic cross cut and join and move taking care of

Unislit II

Slitter machine/rewinder with single rewind station
▪ Center/surface commute or immaculate focus winder
▪ Modular and standardized design

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