Blown Film Extrusion and Plastic Extruder Machinery Suppliers
Reifenhauser Blown Film lines (3/7/9/11 Layers from Width 1000mm to 4300mm)

Produce 10 µm films for HDPE garbage bags today and 250 µm barrier thermoforming film tomorrow. EVOLUTION 3- to 11-layer blown film lines are suitable for universal applications. Stay flexible in the choice of your product range, but keep one thing constant: the quality.


High-tech systems with modular design

Thanks to the modular design of the EVOLUTION systems, we bring out the best in Blown Film Extrusion technology to meet the requirements of each product. For products with very high quality requirements, choose components from our EVOLUTION Ultra series.

plastic extrusion machinery

Rethinking performance EVOLUTION Ultra Cool FFS:-

Imagine each line operator could double the output of your line. With EVOLUTION Ultra Cool, that is possible. Increase the output of your FFS line by up to 30 percent, depending on the film structure. Thanks to the high cooling capacity, you can also achieve die factors of 1 to 2.5. Yet operation stays as easy as with customary dual-lip cooling systems.

Proven in the industry with various existing and new installations!!

Easy Performance

Very high output with high cooling effect for applications such as:

Collation shrinks film

Stretch hood

Hygienic Film

Stand-up pouch

Easy production & handling


Broadly utilized for packaged water and refreshments packaging

One of the fast growing application due to the growth drivers such as accelerating growth of multi pack merchandising in consumer-retail.

Rethinking performance


  • Protection against moisture, dirt, dust and theft
  • Good product visibility
  • Customer convenience
  • Marketing functions (space for logos, advertising, etc.)
  • Simple warehousing of products
  • Perfect stack ability
  • Maximization of loading space (truck and container)