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Reifenhauser (India) Marketing Ltd. represents some of the world’s leading brands in Plastics Extrusion, flexible packaging, Converting , Injection Molding and labels solutions headed by Mr. Manish Mehta. Despite disruptions in the economy in the form of demonetization and GST tax regime, the company grew and supplied some very interesting and innovative solutions to some of India’s leading converters last year.

“We being in the capital goods business were not very severely impacted by demonetization. Yes, after GST came into force, there were disruptions, but things had settled down by early-December. So, we really did not face any such problems. In fact, were have grown by over 15% last year,” says Mr. Manish Mehta, Managing Director, Reifenhauser (India) Marketing Ltd.

Last year, the company supplied some innovative solutions to the leading names in the flexible packaging and label converting industry. There were many highlights like Reifenhauser India supplied an inline flexo press from Bobst Firenze to Gurugram based Kapcones. They also supplied 7-layer blown film line from Reifenhauser Group to Gujarat-based IDMC (before IDMC already had a 3 layer BFL) and Hyderabad-based Shrinath Rotopack. Some other highlights of last year were installation of Alox metallizer from Buhler at Jindal, laser perforation solutions at IDMC and Uflex, shaped pouch and retort pouch making solutions at HPPL and Uflex from Totani and Injection Moulding Machine from Nissei at Varroc & Rinder.

Emerging Trends

Talking about some of the trends in the flexible packaging and label industry, Mr. Mehta says that factors such as advent of new technology and innovation by the industry players are leading to higher productivity.

“People are able to get more out of the resins. For example, if earlier they were able to get 80 meters now they are able to get 88 meters,” Mr. Mehta says.

Growing awareness about environmental issues is greatly influencing the packaging industry. “Not only is the final packaging being impacted but also lot of technology and solutions are being developed to make the manufacturing process of packaging material more environmental friendly,” Mr.Mehta argues.

Mr. Mehta also spoke about some of the emerging trends that is expected to become prominent in coming years. He said that aseptic packaging will gain further popularity in coming years along with retort pouches. Digital printing will gradually become more prominent in packaging and label industry. Flexo technology will continue to become popular in India, he says. “Investment in flexo has been very encouraging in the last two years and this trend is likely to continue in the next 3-5 years as well, as the base is still low,” he shares. According to Mr.Mehta there are about 60 wide-web flexo presses in India varying from width of 1 meter to 1.4 metres. In labels, anti-counterfeiting & security solutions will continue to become popular.

2018: A Year oF Consolidation for Reifenhauser India

Last year was a good year for the company as it brought in lot of new and innovative technologies to India.

“We are not planning to be very aggressive this year and will look to capitalize on our successes of last year. We will also focus on improving the company’s productivity and upgrading skills of our workforce,” he says.

In terms of solutions, the company will focus on digital printing and anticounterfeiting solutions.


Written by nihir