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The main features of the new design concept to meet the market requirements:
Modularity: easily extendable at a later stage and adaptable to the growing needs
Flexibility: one multipurpose coating head for various coating methods
Time to market: short delivery and installation/commissioning times
Easy Operation: simple and powerful to maximize machine usability thanks to well proven solutions
Sustainability: optimized energy consumption using high efficiency motors
World Wide Servicing: by remote access and standardized spare parts ensuring quick response time

Coating Processes:

With the modular concept of the MCO 5000 coating line, a variety of coating processes can be achieved easily and also, if required, added at a later stage.

Following coating methods are as standard available, they are executed as fixed multi-purpose coating unit:

  • Gravure roller coating with non-pressurized doctor chamber T
  • Gravure roller coating with pressurized doctor chamber MPG 600 CI
  • 3 smooth roller coating head with pan
  • 5 smooth roller coating head nip fed
  • Other coating methods upon request

The proven technology assures highest coating weight accuracy as well as repeatability and easy handling.

Applications and end products (among others)

  • Siliconised materials
  • Label stock (i.e. PSA labels)
  • Adhesive tapes (water based)
  • Lacquered products
  • Primered paper/film products

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